A Brief History

The Integral PermaCulture Academy was born in Spain in 2001 as a collective of international teachers who worked together to expand the usual curriculum to include much more of the PeopleCare & EcoEconomics parts that are usually only briefly mentioned in conventional permaculture.
The teachers are activists with combined decades of experience in practical work toward Sustainability, with the vision of Re-designing society to create a Permaculture: a sustainable culture, a culture that is dynamically creative & in increasing harmony with all forms of life on Earth.

We later discovered ours was a very ‘integral’ curriculum so changed the name to reflect this, and at the same time expanded to offering the very comprehensive course in both English and Spanish, also offering our courses on-line in order to make rhem available to more people (all students do real designs based on their home projects, or can take internships in nodes of our EcoEscuela networkhttp://en.ecoescuelas.net – started 2015).The Integral PermaCulture Designers Manual was co-created as a free online resource over 15 years by both students & teachers, www.PermaCultureScience.org and is our main & ongoing work in progress, connected to Facebook Groups where we discuss the contents.
We also offer free mini-courses in both languages and free online conferences on ‘edge’ or controversial subjects that we’d like to see more discussion about. 

The values & chaordic organizational structure we have adopted is the one described in the Foundation Year Book, reproduced below.   We uphold this model & aim to fulfill all its requirements & recommendations, in particular upholding its values.

The Foundation Year Book of The Permaculture Academy

by Bill Mollison

“The Field Lies Open to the Intellect”

An Academy the purpose of which is to pursue the goal of excellence in the integrated design sciences.