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“Module 1 was very inspiring for me, though I don’t feel like I have grasped all of it yet.   The integral model stuff is really brilliant, I use that a lot.  Also the group exercises are neat – think/listens, vision support groups and all of that”.



“I LOVED Module 1 – learned a lot and had plenty of insights along the way.  Thank you Stella and Cesar for the Design Portfolio! It is starting to dawn on me the beautiful work you guys do… You are like the teachers I never had, but always wished for. Your role is like that of Loving Parents guiding the lost child home… The depth you go to is the depth I longed for in my teenage years… And you are the embodiment of the self-help books I read, but that I was lost in and had no guidance with. You are REALLY going to make me do this! Thank you for holding my hand…”



“I was expecting the content to be more general, but it is such a joyful and very nourishing travel, deeper than I expected, and with great references! […] My perception has opened and I feel more confident about stepping forward, thanks to this therapy disguised as class […] The structure is easy and the content delicious!”

Andreia B


“For me Module 1 was an eye-opener as I was a total Troll, only knew the land-design aspect to do with growing food.   I like very much Stella & César’s way of giving the classes, the dynamics & the opportunity they give us to change things to fit everyone, the style, the content & the way of focusing it all.  I also like that any time I express some doubt or query it is answered very quickly.”



 “[I]t has been very enriching on a personal level, it has challenged some of my behaviors & explained some others, it makes me discover things about myself & it moves things about internally, making me reconsider my commitments, responsibly, I come to realize which is the path to take.  I use the e-Book a lot as well as watch the classes a second time. …I definitely feel cared for, I’ve decided to take the truth-pill. … I love your honesty & the wonderful group we have, I think that being very varied culturally this is very enriching. … “



“When I started the course it was like lots of light bulbs going off. It was as if the tutors had gone into my head and found all the disturbing things I’d noticed about our culture and then put them into words, and recorded explanations with them. It’s so good to see such clear thinking and hopeful solutions for addressing our social and environmental issues. I love it!”