Our Vision

To redesign our society to create ‘a permaculture’. This is a sustainable culture which is dynamically creative and always evolving. It constanty increases in harmony with all ecosystems and all forms of life on Earth.



Our Mission 

To offer high-quality training in permaculture design.

To this end we have co-created (and continuously improve) a unique Integral Permaculture curriculum which covers all facets required for the transition to a sustainable society. In particular, we teach the underlying science of sustainability  to empower people and communities in designing effectively for themselves.

Stella Strega


Green Adventure Urban Permaculture Project 

Permaculture Diploma

Founder of 8th Life Ecovillage

Jose Zamora

IT Support & Mentor

Founding Member 8th Life Ecovillage

Health Guru

Animal Systems

César Fernández


Founder Member the Academy

CoDesigner of the Integral Pemaculture curriculum

Pepa Rodríguez


BSc Agricultural Engineering

Founder member of El Jannat, Community Permaculture Farm

Istvan Schmidt


Building & Carpentry

Systems Manager


Rebecca Reiber


MSc Sustainable Development

Founder 8th Life Ecovillage, Panama

Community Development & Training for Social Action

Our Team is formed by Inspirers & Facilitators:


There are many pioneers, activists, thinkers, writers, leaders, teachers & masters included in the Integral Permaculture curriculum, because they each have brought something unique and important for our understanding as permaculture designers & it is our job to know our history so as to skillfully integrate the best action-learning to date.

You can see our page for them here:


Each photo there is linked to a profile in the Integral Permaculture Designers Manual, “e-book” for short, that is the base of the curriculum we teach     (please note that, being integrals, they’re mostly un-categorizable, but they are listed within the Modules of the curriculum).


These are some of the wonderful people who have co-created this project & which are all part of your support group of permaculture colleagues from the moment you enroll on the course.
You will get to know them during the course and will be able to stay in touch with them afterwards if you wish.
You can see their photos and profiles here:


They include the Global Facilitators (Stella, César, Jose & Pepa) who designed the curriculum, teach the classes & have coordinated the Academy structure to date, and the Local Facilitators, who will be welcoming people in the various locations in the network and facilitating the day to day progress of the course.

Join our Team

We’ve been co-creating the Academy since 2001 through a cooperative of practitioners and teachers in Permaculture (starting in Spain, now internationally), and with it a continuously developing advanced Permaculture curriculum, which has reached degree level (the Diploma in Integral Permaculture), and in two languages.  We’re now working on Masters level.

The EcoEscuelas Network project started in 2016, is bringing the online program we developed to places where the course can be done on-site whilst doing design work there, for people who don’t have their own Permaculture projects – so effectively it’s an open university of Permaculture in Action, networked and international.   So if you have a project which could host interns, let us know.

We love to connect & work with more people who resonate with the Academy’s Vision and Mission and who are very clear that effective cooperation is key for truly changing the world. 

Joining the team is particularly useful for practitioners who would like to help create the classes and / or mentor the students online, in whatever spare time they have: we operate as a cooperative, sharing income fairly, according to work put in.  We keep everything very flexi-time & as simple as possible, since we’re all involved in several sustainability projects.   
To join our team or enquire as to options, please fill out this form.

A Bit of History:

European Convergence Presentation, 2010

This above is one of the videos we prepared for the 2010 European Permaculture Convergence (EUPC10) and gives a good over-view of why & how we have designed our Permaculture Design Certificate.

Video Launching the PDC+++, April 2011

International Convergence Presentation, 2011

You can see the presentation we did at IPC10the International Permaculture Convergence of 2011,  held in Jordania and other previous conferences (2005, 2008) HERE