We celebrated International PermaCulture Day

again, with a bilingual talk (in English & Spanish)
that takes an integral perspective on this year’s topic:

Food Freedom 
– now available as one of our

On Sunday the 4th of May we started exploring this important topic in a more integral (radical, & for some, controversial) way than usual, exploring these different facets:

We had a great conference during which

we  questioned as many 

permacuture ‘holy cows’ as possible 

(which we called ‘holy legumes’ for the purpose of this conference, for reasons that will be revealed!)

in order to evolve the dialogue 

that we believe has gotten a little too stuck

around ‘do gardening’ as a proposed

solution to the most pressing problems

we face today, like climate-change.

We don’t believe it comes even close,

& that more realistic solutions in fact are

available, & that they are 

even more exciting,

more hopeful &

a lot more fun than we ever imagined.

& the most exciting part is that we get to question

some very deeply held beliefs 

(in fact our whole cultural paradigm).

This conference is now available

1) The food freedom of other species
2) The food that most liberates our environment
3) Food that liberates the human mind and body

4) How not to be enslaved to addictions

and of course (the perspective usually focused on)

5) How to free our Food from the Multinationals

& refers to
many resources
already available
in the Integral PermaCulture
Designers’ Manual

This is how we contributed to International PermaCulture Day
last year: Grow Local Live!