We’re collaborating again this year with 

International Permaculture Day!
& as NodoEspiral we have been asked
to be their Media Partners,
because they were very impressed
with how we organized things
to stream live parts of
the European PC Convergence last summer!
Being ‘Media Partners’ means we’ll manage
the 24 hour live & video event
on May 5th that they want to do this year …

Website for the Live event:

We encourage everyone
who’s doing permaculture at any scale
to CELEBRATE with all of us 
by participating in this annual event!
There are 5 ways you can participate:

1) Offer a live event
which we’ll manage. You just need to enrol it filling out the enrolment form:
2) Propose a (Grow Local theme) video 
to be added to the video playlist that we will be retransmitting on the day,
by sending the link to

3) Offer a showcase event

on or near the 5th of May by simply posting it here

(usually an on-site event but you could for example launch some part of your permaculture portfolio on the date & invite people to visit that >> & use it as an incentive to get a small part finished by the deadline! (multifunctional 🙂

4) Submit a Report

You can also be a reporter on the ground of any Grow Local event and take pictures, write a report, make a video o audio report & send it in to


5) Take part in the dialogues

You can meet and talk with us 

& other participants in 

Send your news, comments 

& impressions by twitter


And/or join the experimental
live skype conference
where you can chat but also give & ask for technical assistance for the live event

please send a skype contact request to “Permaculture.Day  

adding “Please add me to the Grow Local Live chat

… so we’re doing lots of behind-the-scenes work, and as usual we are working with our most adventurous students on this and we’re open to more joining us in designing the whole event, as it’s very good ‘invisible design’ practice, plus a great way to make new international contacts.

Plus, of course, have lots of fun working hard in a dynamic team doing yet more challenging things for the first time.
Starting the sheep-rotation system on the farm, which is also happening this week, is very exciting but not exactly dangerous if anything goes wrong. 

It’s definitely a lot easier to design with plants & animals than with people!!

Website for the main international event: