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We were delighted to have an opportunity, at the end of May 2014, to be invited to participate in one of the European Permaculture Teachers’ Partnership workshop on Inclusion, via internet connection.

This is Sandra (one of the participants in our workshop who helped to include us in the meeting) showing some of the results of a widening participation for permaculture courses survey that the EPT Partnership conducted. 
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We hadn’t been able to go to any of the EPT site-meetings because it required a lot of travel which we aren’t able to engage in, as all of us who are involved in the core team of the Academy are mostly locally-based permaculture activists doing intensive projects at home.   
Which describes quite well also the kinds of students we tend to attract, as we explained in this 12 minutes presentation about Inclusion for permacuture courses:

We had an interesting Q&A session at the end of this presentation, & as the 5 people in this workshop then had to feed back a summary of an hour-long conversation to the bigger group, they very creatively decided to do it in this fun way:

Thanks Katka & Peter!   We were delighted to see it all translated in this way.   So we added this video to our Frequently Asked Questions page as it beautifully summarizes some of the questions we often hear from interested people.

Thanks a lot also to Artūrs & Sandra for making this happen!

Unfortunately it is our experience that too many permaculture designers still have difficulty in seeing internet technologies as appropriate technologies (especially appropriate for inclusion), & even less people then have the willingness & patience to arrange the technical details to use them in practice to help others participate in their meetings & events.  This is great people-care in action!

Congratulations on all of your work.