We are a collective of experienced permaculture designers, social activists & change agents. Our aim is to design an international, multi-lingual community together with action-learning and action-research students. We welcome all others who are passionate about co-creating healthy & sustainable cultures & environments for all species. Come aboard!

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Action-Learning Courses Options, Prices & Enrollment

What is Permaculture or Integral Permaculture?

Integral Permaculture is a design practice based on a holistic & ethical science that includes all levels of experience – internal & external, individual & collective, ancient & modern united into a coherent & systemic whole, with the sole purpose of designing healthy & sustainable cultures & environments for all species.

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What is the Academy?

The Integral Permaculture Academy is a collective of experienced permaculture designers, social activists & change agents who are designing an international, multi-lingual community together with action-learning / action-research students and all others who are passionate about the need to co-create healthy & sustainable cultures & environments for all species.

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Why Study a Practical Course Online?

We do periodically offer on-site courses. However, even with these, we always include the online option because there are many advantages to having the continuity of a support-group of other students and mentors wherever you are in the world. When designed well, this can become an important supportive community for your permaculture design work in your local context and the world.

Reasons to study Integral Permaculture with our online community:

  • You’ll pay much less than in any other permaculture course at each level thanks to the complementary currency we use to exchange work within our network.
  • You won’t have to travel and so will not be donating part of your hard-earned money to transport multinationals.
  • The Integral Permaculture Academy is a non-profit organization: ALL income is re-invested in permaculture projects.
  • Our tutors and mentors be with you wherever you are, and so will the other students you connect with.
  • You’ll be able to study with the multimedia classes from your own home, at your own pace; you choose the timetable that is right for you.
  • You only need a computer with an Internet connection, a wish to learn permaculture and some time.
  • We will support you in developing designs to put into practice in your real life, applying all you learn on the course.
  • You’ll complete the designs you’ve been working on already but couldn’t finish, so you can improve your own life and the environment you live in.
  • Our team of mentors will support you in every step of your journey.
  • You’ll get to know more people like you in our international community.
  • You’ll learn from other designs that are being developed, and it will also stimulate your imagination.
  • You can practice your Spanish, if you’re interested in doing so (everything we teach is bilingual).
  • We’ll support you to create an effective support group (as well as Transition Groups).
  • We will also guide you to form local Study Circles if you want to learn with friends and coleagues, wherever you are.
  • You’ll reduce your footprint on the planet because you don’t have to use any kind of transportation to take the course.
  • You won’t have to worry about the costs that being out of your home for 15 days (or more) implies.
  • You will still gain practical experience via your design portfolio, and we also provide practical exercises to complete with every class.

For all these reasons, we’d much rather support you in becoming an effective change where you are (in your home, your project, your neighborhood). Without the need to move to different locations, we all avoid contributing to the pollution that travelling creates. Furthermore, we can save on resources, including energy and money. It is for this reason we can provide high-quality courses at such good value, achieving our aim of making them accessible to as many people as possible.*

To get a better idea of how this can work in practice, have a look at this 5-minute video from our colleagues of the European Teachers Partnership.

Want to Know More? Ready to Enroll?

Details of our courses can be found here. If you are already convinced, you can enrol in a course here.

What Courses Are Offered?

We offer various action-learning course options, suitable for all kinds of people – from those just wanting to get the most basic training in permaculture, to experienced practitioners who want to embark on a complete pathway towards the Permaculture Diploma.

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Bel P, France

“It’s been a whole discovery to see that Integral Permaculture put emphasis on personal & social development…I didn’t expect something so big, so evolved, so advanced.”

Elliot L, Israel

“Wow!! each time I watch a different class I am thinking “this is the best”…. each time I am surprised, cause it is just getting better….. just watch the Soil – amazing and fascinating.”

Raina S, Germany

“…during the part about strategies, designs and techniques, this course made me rethink once again all the stuff I believed to know about permaculture, and that is great!”

Juan F, Spain

“[I had] doubts about distance education…But I found such a beautiful community of perma-thinkers…It’s action learning without hurries or schedules, I can do everything at my own pace & within my limits – I couldn’t do it any other way.

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